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Farkwa and the Orges of Greed
On 10/24  rbellerby wrote: The subtitle of this e-book is “A Mythical African Tale of Change” suggesting this is a book about the transformation of greed. It is a relatively short book that would be mostly suitable for ... Bookblogger review: Farkwa and the Orges of Greed By Gerard Victor
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Sleepy Bunny - A Nap Time Tail
On 10/24  rbellerby wrote: "Sleepy Bunny" is a story about a bunny that would rather sleep and dream than spend time with his family. The story tells of all the dreams the bunny might have until the dream gets out of control ... Bookblogger review: Sleepy Bunny - A Nap Time Tail By Gregory Isherwood, Gau Family Studio
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What About God?
On 08/14  damthatbeaver wrote: This was an informative book that was well-researched. It brought a new side to the issue of God and it brought a unique concept to the issue of Man's ... Bookblogger review: What About God? By G. Creighton Bradshaw
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